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Create a New Dashboard

Estimated Time to Complete: 2 minutes

To complete this tutorial you will need a MongoDB Atlas cluster. Refer to the Create a Cluster documentation for instructions on creating an Atlas cluster.

Create a dashboard to hold your visualizations:


If Atlas Charts is not already displayed, click the Charts tab in the Atlas UI.

Atlas launches an instance of Charts linked to your project.


If the Dashboards page for your project isn't already displayed, click Project under the Dashboards heading in the sidebar.

  1. Click Add Dashboard.

  2. In the Add Dashboard dialog, copy the following into the Title input:

    Movie Details
  3. Copy the following into the Description input:

    Insights from the Sample Mflix dataset.
  4. Click Create.

After clicking create, Charts navigates you to your newly created dashboard and prompts you to add your first chart.

Follow along to the next section of the tutorial to build a column chart showing directors who won the most awards.

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