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Scatter Chart of Award-Nominated Movies with Their TomatoMeter Rating

Estimated Time to Complete: 5 minutes

Next, add a chart to your dashboard showing the TomatoMeter rating and MPAA rating of movies with the most award nominations. A scatter chart is a good choice for visualizing how data points cluster together around certain values and allows the representation of several different data dimensions.


The Add Chart button is in the top right corner of the dashboard.


In the Select Data Source modal that appears:

  1. Click the Sample tab.

  2. Click Select on the Sample Data: Movies data source.

  1. In the Chart Type dropdown, select Scatter.

  1. In the Fields section, click the tomatoes field to expand the tomatoes object and view its properties.

  2. Click the tomatoes.critic field to also expand that object.

  3. Drag the tomatoes.critic.rating field to the X Axis encoding channel.

  4. In the Fields section click the awards field to expand the awards object and view its properties.

  5. Drag the awards.nominations field to the Y Axis encoding channel.


You can see now that higher-rated movies have a higher density of awards, but the chart is rather noisy. Add a query filter to only include movies with at least 30 award nominations and marginal MPAA ratings.

  1. In the Filters box, add the following query filter and click the Apply button:

    {"awards.nominations": {$gte: 30}, rated: {$in: ["G", "PG", "PG-13", "R"]}}

In the Fields section, drag the rated field to the Color encoding channel.


Additional Data Options

There are three options for adding more data to your chart. You can use any of your data fields to modify the size, color, and shape of the markers on the grid. The rated field works well here because it has low cardinality; there are only four possible values (G, PG, PG-13, and R). Fields with higher cardinality may make the chart too noisy to read.

  1. (Optional) In the Fields section, drag the title field to the Tooltip Detail encoding channel. You can now hover over each marker on your chart to view the title of the movie it represents.

  1. Hover over your chart title above the center of the chart and click the pencil icon.

  2. Copy the following into the chart title input:

    Movies with Most Awards Nominations, by MPAA Rating
  3. Click the check mark to save your title.

  4. Your chart should now look like this:

    Movies with the most awards by rating
    click to enlarge
  5. Click Save and Close to return to your dashboard.

Follow along to the next section of the tutorial to see how we can rearrange the charts on the dashboard.

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