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Manage Your Multi-Factor Authentication Options

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  • Considerations
  • Required Access
  • Prerequisites
  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Remove an Authentication Method

Authentication verifies the identity of a user. The process uses either something you have or something you know. You know your password. You have an app that gives you a one-time token. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) uses both.

When enabling MFA, Atlas requests two forms of identification: your password and one of the following recommended factors:

  • Security Key / Biometrics

  • Okta Verify Mobile App

    • OTP

    • Push Notifications

  • Authenticator App (TOTP)

    You can choose any TOTP for authentication. We recommend enabling cloud backups when possible to avoid being locked out of your account.

    • Twilio Authy

    • Google Authenticator

    • Microsoft Authenticator

  • SMS (use with caution)

  • Email (use with caution)


Enable a minimum of two methods so that you can still access your account if you lose access to one method.

While you can set up one, some, or all of the available methods, we strongly recommend that you set up at least two methods. When Atlas requires MFA, it offers you the choice of which method to use. If you have less than two methods set up, Atlas prompts you to set up MFA and a backup method at login.

To use MFA, an Organization Owner must enable it for their organization. All members of that organization must enable MFA for their accounts. Those members who haven't enabled MFA can't access the organization.

Install and configure multiple authentication factors.

  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the Atlas console. A dropdown menu displays.

  2. Click Manage your MongoDB Account.

  3. Click Security in the left-side navigation.

  1. Choose your preferred authentication method.

  2. Click Set up to the right of your chosen method.

  3. Follow the procedure for your chosen method:


After you set up your first authentication method, repeat the steps to set up another method.

To remove a method from your account:

  1. Choose a method to remove.

  2. Click Delete to the right of that method.

To remove a method, Atlas asks you to authenticate again using MFA.

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