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Addressing Security Vulnerabilities

At MongoDB, we take security seriously. If you believe you have discovered a potential security vulnerability in one of our products, we encourage you to disclose it quickly to us.

Coordinated Disclosure

Welcome to MongoDB's Vulnerability Disclosure Policy! If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability in MongoDB products or have experienced a security incident related to MongoDB products, please report the issue to aid in its resolution. Below, you will be able to find further information regarding submitting a security bug and our Hall of Fame.

While we greatly appreciate community reports regarding security issues, at this time MongoDB does not provide monetary compensation for vulnerability reports.

Please note we have recently revamped our policy so if you have submitted a report with us before, please use this new format.

Product and Services

Any security bugs or vulnerabilities that can be successfully shown to compromise the CIA (confidentiality, integrity or availability) of information relating to our clients and our secrets will be considered for compensation.

Security bugs or vulnerabilities found on all MongoDB products and tools may be reported via the submission form. Please refer to the Security related information and configuration guidance below before submitting a new vulnerability.


MongoDB Cloud Manager


See our Legal Notices for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Out of Scope

Non-qualifying security vulnerabilities include:

  • Ability to create external links
  • Brute-force attack
  • Clickjacking on static website
  • Client-Side Enforcement of Server-Side Security
  • Content injection
  • Cross-site tracing without endpoints vulnerable to XSS
  • CSRF with minimal security implications i.e.
    • CSRF on logout
  • CSV injection
  • Disclosure of robots.txt file
  • Email spoofing
  • Error message
  • Good practice settings:
    • CSP uses unsafe-inline
    • Missing Certificate Authority Authorization Rule
    • Missing HSTS
    • Missing security headers
    • No X-Frame Options Header on
    • Open redirect using Host header
  • GMap API key leaked
  • IDN homograph attack
  • JavaScript error
  • No rate limiting i.e.
    • Missing Rate Limit for Current Password field
  • Non-sensitive file disclosure
  • Open Jenkins Instance (Permission Misconfiguration)
  • Public jira tickets unless there is significant PII or confidential data accidentally posted
  • Reverse tabnabbing
  • SCRAM-SHA1 authentication mechanism's login credentials disclosure
  • Self Denial of Service
  • SPF record configuration on or
  • Server version disclosure
  • Specific HTTP method enabled
  • Weak password policy
  • Weak SSL/TLS ciphersuites that serve our out-of-date browsers and users

Any reports with these security vulnerabilities will be automatically rejected and not considered.


See our Legal Notices for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


MongoDB, Inc. requests that you do not publicly disclose any information regarding the vulnerability or exploit the issue until it has had the opportunity to analyze the vulnerability, to respond to the notification, and to notify key users, customers, and partners.

The amount of time required to validate a reported vulnerability depends on the complexity and severity of the issue. MongoDB, Inc. takes all required security vulnerabilities very seriously and will always ensure that there is a clear and open channel of communication with the reporter. After validating an issue, MongoDB, Inc. coordinates public disclosure of the issue with the reporter in a mutually agreed timeframe and format.


For support, use our support contacts.


MongoDB thanks the following individuals for identifying and assisting in fixing Security related flaws or vulnerabilities in MongoDB products/services via our disclosure process.

ResearcherSocial Media/ContactValid ReportsRecognition Points
Suhas Sunil Gaikwad-110
Mehedi Hasan (SecMiners BD)Facebook18
Pritam MukherjeeLinkedIn18
Bhavya JainTwitter18
Taha Smily-18
David CalligarisTwitter18
Rich Mirch-18
Mitch Wasson of Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection GroupEmail18
Philippe Jacquot-18
Simon Budail-Essard-18
Henri Salo from Nixu Corporation-30
Pankaj Kumar ThakurLinkedIn2*
Mohsin KhanLinkedIn2*
Mohd.Danish AbidLinkedIn1*
Dristant UpretyLinkedIn1*
Emad Al-Mousa-1*
Mohammad Hosein Askari-1*
Kyle MartinLinkedIn1*
Abdul Rehman Tariq-1*
Tony Yesudas-1*
Feng Xiao from Georgia Tech-1*
Will AshworthEmail1*
Ketan Madhukar Mukane-1*
Sicheng Liu of Beijing DBSEC Technology Co., Ltd-1*
Arbazz Hussain-1*
Andre Protas of Apple-1*
Vineet KumarEmail1*
Alyssa Herrera-1*
Jamie (James C.) Davis of Virginia Tech-1*
Nenad Borovčanin-1*
Cameron Dawe-1*
Kamil Sevi-1*
Sumit Sahoo-1*
Richo Healey-1*
Andrea Palazzo (Truel IT)-1*
Kai Lu and Xiaopeng Zhang of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs-1*
Christian Hansen-1*
Jason King-1*
Daniel Isaac Khan Ramiro-1**
Florian Gaultier-1*
Gerd Jungbluth-1*
Will Urbanski-1*
Yury Maryshev-1*
Mikhail Firstov-1*
HD Moore-1*
Md. Nur A Alam Dipu-1*
Omar Amin-1*
Hugo Ferrando Seage-1*


Social Media/Contact
Suhas Sunil Gaikwad-
Mehedi Hasan (SecMiners BD)Facebook
Pritam MukherjeeLinkedIn
Bhavya JainTwitter
Taha Smily-
David CalligarisTwitter
Rich Mirch-
Mitch Wasson of Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection GroupEmail
Philippe Jacquot-
Simon Budail-Essard-
Henri Salo from Nixu Corporation-
Pankaj Kumar ThakurLinkedIn
Mohsin KhanLinkedIn
Mohd.Danish AbidLinkedIn
Dristant UpretyLinkedIn
Emad Al-Mousa-
Mohammad Hosein Askari-
Kyle MartinLinkedIn
Abdul Rehman Tariq-
Tony Yesudas-
Feng Xiao from Georgia Tech-
Will AshworthEmail
Ketan Madhukar Mukane-
Sicheng Liu of Beijing DBSEC Technology Co., Ltd-
Arbazz Hussain-
Andre Protas of Apple-
Vineet KumarEmail
Alyssa Herrera-
Jamie (James C.) Davis of Virginia Tech-
Nenad Borovčanin-
Cameron Dawe-
Kamil Sevi-
Sumit Sahoo-
Richo Healey-
Andrea Palazzo (Truel IT)-
Kai Lu and Xiaopeng Zhang of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs-
Christian Hansen-
Jason King-
Daniel Isaac Khan Ramiro-
Florian Gaultier-
Gerd Jungbluth-
Will Urbanski-
Yury Maryshev-
Mikhail Firstov-
HD Moore-
Md. Nur A Alam Dipu-
Omar Amin-
Hugo Ferrando Seage-
Valid Reports
Suhas Sunil Gaikwad1
Mehedi Hasan (SecMiners BD)1
Pritam Mukherjee1
Bhavya Jain1
Taha Smily1
David Calligaris1
Rich Mirch1
Mitch Wasson of Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection Group1
Philippe Jacquot1
Simon Budail-Essard1
Henri Salo from Nixu Corporation3
Pankaj Kumar Thakur2
Mohsin Khan2
Mohd.Danish Abid1
Dristant Uprety1
Emad Al-Mousa1
Mohammad Hosein Askari1
Kyle Martin1
Abdul Rehman Tariq1
Tony Yesudas1
Feng Xiao from Georgia Tech1
Will Ashworth1
Ketan Madhukar Mukane1
Sicheng Liu of Beijing DBSEC Technology Co., Ltd1
Arbazz Hussain1
Andre Protas of Apple1
Vineet Kumar1
Alyssa Herrera1
Jamie (James C.) Davis of Virginia Tech1
Nenad Borovčanin1
Cameron Dawe1
Kamil Sevi1
Sumit Sahoo1
Richo Healey1
Andrea Palazzo (Truel IT)1
Kai Lu and Xiaopeng Zhang of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs1
Christian Hansen1
Jason King1
Daniel Isaac Khan Ramiro1
Florian Gaultier1
Gerd Jungbluth1
Will Urbanski1
Yury Maryshev1
Mikhail Firstov1
HD Moore1
Md. Nur A Alam Dipu1
Omar Amin1
Hugo Ferrando Seage1
Recognition Points
Suhas Sunil Gaikwad10
Mehedi Hasan (SecMiners BD)8
Pritam Mukherjee8
Bhavya Jain8
Taha Smily8
David Calligaris8
Rich Mirch8
Mitch Wasson of Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection Group8
Philippe Jacquot8
Simon Budail-Essard8
Henri Salo from Nixu Corporation0
Pankaj Kumar Thakur*
Mohsin Khan*
Mohd.Danish Abid*
Dristant Uprety*
Emad Al-Mousa*
Mohammad Hosein Askari*
Kyle Martin*
Abdul Rehman Tariq*
Tony Yesudas*
Feng Xiao from Georgia Tech*
Will Ashworth*
Ketan Madhukar Mukane*
Sicheng Liu of Beijing DBSEC Technology Co., Ltd*
Arbazz Hussain*
Andre Protas of Apple*
Vineet Kumar*
Alyssa Herrera*
Jamie (James C.) Davis of Virginia Tech*
Nenad Borovčanin*
Cameron Dawe*
Kamil Sevi*
Sumit Sahoo*
Richo Healey*
Andrea Palazzo (Truel IT)*
Kai Lu and Xiaopeng Zhang of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs*
Christian Hansen*
Jason King*
Daniel Isaac Khan Ramiro**
Florian Gaultier*
Gerd Jungbluth*
Will Urbanski*
Yury Maryshev*
Mikhail Firstov*
HD Moore*
Md. Nur A Alam Dipu*
Omar Amin*
Hugo Ferrando Seage*
* These reporters were added to the hall of fame prior to the new revamped policy.