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Each mongod, mongos, and mongosqld instance keeps an account of its activity in its own log file. Atlas retains the last 30 days of log messages and system event audit messages. The Performance Advisor retains at most 7 days of logs.


You must have Project Data Access Read Only privileges or greater to download logs.


M0 free clusters and M2/M5 shared clusters do not provide downloadable logs.

For information on reading MongoDB logs, refer to the Log Messages documentation in the MongoDB manual.


This feature is not available for M0 free clusters, M2, and M5 clusters. To learn more about which features are unavailable, see Atlas M0 (Free Cluster), M2, and M5 Limitations.

You can view authentication attempts that were made against your cluster. Both successful and unsuccessful attempts are logged, including the timestamp of the attempt and which user tried to authenticate.

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