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Manage Access to a Project

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  • Add Users or Teams to a Project
  • View Who Can Access a Project
  • View User Invitations
  • Cancel or Update User Invitations
  • Remove Users or Teams from a Project
  • Edit a User's or Team's Role in a Project

You can grant Atlas users and teams access to Atlas projects. Assign user roles to enforce permission levels for Atlas users and teams.


Required Permissions


Adding a user to a project also adds that user to the organization.

Atlas limits the number of teams to a maximum of:

  • 100 teams per project and

  • 250 teams per organization.

Atlas also limits Atlas user membership to a maximum of:

  • 500 per project and

  • 500 per organization, which includes the combined membership of all projects in the organization.

Atlas raises an error if an operation exceeds these limits.


You have an organization with five projects. Each project has 100 Atlas users. Each Atlas user belongs to only one project. You cannot add any Atlas users to this organization or any project in that organization without first removing existing Atlas users from the organization or project membership.


Projects must have at least one user or team. You can't delete the last member (user or team) from the project. You must instead close the project.

You also can't delete the last Project Owner (user or team) remaining in the project. You must first assign the role to at least one other user before deleting the original user.


You can't edit roles for specific users on the Access Manager page if you configure role mappings for IdP groups.

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