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Set the Sync Client Log Level - C++ SDK

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  • Set the Sync Client Log Level

You can set or change your sync client's log level to develop or debug your application. You might want to change the log level to log different amounts of data depending on the app's environment.


See also:

For information about setting the default realm log level, or setting a custom logger, refer to Logging - C++ SDK.

You can set the level of detail reported by the sync client logger to specify the level of output you want from the sync client. Get an instance of an App's sync manager, and pass a realm::logger::level to the set_log_level() member function:

auto logLevel = realm::logger::level::info;


To diagnose and troubleshoot errors while developing your application, set the log level to debug or trace. For production deployments, decrease the log level for improved performance.

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