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Atlas Device SDKs

Realm Studio

Realm Studio is a visual tool to view, edit, and model data. With Realm Studio, developers can:

  • Connect, view, and modify Atlas data using Device Sync

  • Query objects in the database

  • View live objects in real time while running an app

  • Create, modify, and delete objects

  • Add classes and properties to the schema

  • Export the schema as class definitions in C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, and TypeScript

  • Save and import changes into a client app or production database

A screenshot of Realm Studio

You can see a list of all releases at Realm Studio Releases. Click a version number to view a page listing enhancements, fixes, and file downloads for that version.

Alternately, you can view Releases on GitHub, as well as track and file issues for Realm Studio.


Upgrade from Stitch to Realm


Install Realm Studio