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Atlas Device SDK for Java

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  • SDK in Maintenance Mode
  • Develop Apps with the SDK
  • Install the Java SDK
  • Define an Object Schema
  • Open a Database
  • Read and Write Data
  • React to Changes
  • Connect to an Atlas App Services App
  • Authenticate a User
  • Open a Synced Database
  • Read and Write Synced Data
  • Call Serverless Functions
  • Query MongoDB Atlas
  • Authenticate Users
  • Recommended Reading

Use the Atlas Device SDK for Java to develop Android apps in Java or Kotlin. To develop multiplatform apps using Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP), refer to the Kotlin SDK.

This SDK is in best-effort maintenance mode and no longer receives new development or non-critical bug fixes. To develop your app with new features, use the Kotlin SDK. You can use the Java SDK with the Kotlin SDK.

Learn more about how to Migrate from the Java SDK to the Kotlin SDK.

What You Can Do

Use the SDK's open-source database - Realm - as an object store on the device. Use Device Sync to keep data in sync with your MongoDB Atlas cluster and other clients.

Essential Documentation
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Java Quick Start

Get started with the Java SDK.

Explore the Quick Start

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Java API Reference

Explore generated reference docs for the SDK's Java APIs.

Java API Reference

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Kotlin Extensions API Reference

Explore generated reference docs for the Kotlin Extensions APIs.

Kotlin Extensions Reference