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Logging - C++ SDK

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  • Set the Realm Log Level
  • Customize the Logging Function

You can set or change your app's log level to develop or debug your application. You might want to change the log level to log different amounts of data depending on the app's environment.


See also:

For information on how to set the Sync client log level, refer to Set the Sync Client Log Level - C++ SDK.

You can set the level of detail reported by the Realm C++ SDK. Pass a realm::logger::level to the set_default_level_threshold() member function:

auto logLevel = realm::logger::level::info;

To set a custom logger function, create a realm::logger and override the virtual do_log() member function:

struct MyCustomLogger : realm::logger {
// This could be called from any thread, so may not output visibly to the
// console. Handle output in a queue or other cross-thread context if needed.
void do_log(realm::logger::level level, const std::string &msg) override {
std::cout << "Realm log entry: " << msg << std::endl;

Then, initialize an instance of the logger and set it as the default logger for your realm:

auto config = realm::db_config();
auto thisRealm = realm::db(config);
auto myLogger = std::make_shared<MyCustomLogger>();
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