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MongoDB provides various resources for getting help with Atlas App Services.

MongoDB offers professional support for App Services and Atlas. Paid support includes help with training, upgrades, and general technical support for issues in your database or app. We strongly recommend MongoDB's professional support for production apps and mission-critical use cases.

To learn more about professional support, see Atlas Support & Subscriptions.

To contact support, visit the MongoDB Help Center.

The official MongoDB Community Forums are a great place to meet other developers, ask and answer questions, and stay up-to-date with the latest Realm and App Services features and releases. You can also interact with MongoDB employees, like our community team, engineers, and product managers, who are active forum contributors.

MongoDB monitors & answers questions with the realm tag on Stack Overflow, a forum to ask programming questions and get help with specific errors. Ask a Realm related question or read through the existing questions.

To request a feature, check the status of your feedback, or see top feature requests from other users, check out the MongoDB Feedback Engine for Realm.

To send feedback, ideas, or praise for a page directly to the documentation team, click the Share Feedback widget on the relevant page. You can find the widget at the bottom right or right side of the page.

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