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Atlas Device SDK for the Web

The Atlas Device SDK for the Web lets browser-based applications access data stored in Atlas and interact with App Services services like Functions and authentication. The Web SDK supports both JavaScript and TypeScript.

Web apps built with the SDK can query Atlas using the following methods:

Unlike the other SDKs, the Web SDK only supports creating an in-memory database, not one persisted to disk.

Learning Paths
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Quick Start

Minimal-explanation code examples of how to work with the Web SDK.

See Code Examples

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Working Example App

Learn by example through dissecting a working React app that uses the Web SDK and Atlas GraphQL API.

Explore an Example App

What You Can Do

Use the Web SDK with Atlas App Services to query MongoDB directly, query a GraphQL API, invoke serverless functions, manage user authentication, and more.

Essential Documentation
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JavaScript API Reference

Explore reference docs for the JavaScript SDKs.

JavaScript API Reference

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Quick Start with React

Learn how to add the Web SDK to your React application.

Add Realm to React project

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Next.js Integration Guide

Learn all the ways that you can use the Web SDK with your Next.js application.

Integrate with Next.js

Explore engineering and expert-provided example projects to learn best practices and common development patterns using the Web SDK. Check out the Example Projects page for more sample apps.

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Offline Login and Database Access

Log in a Device Sync user and open a synced database offline.

Example project

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User's Online State

Detect connectivity and activity of users and devices.

Example project