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Update Your Existing Index

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  • Considerations
  • Features that Require Index Update
  • Procedure

Some Atlas Search features require that you update the index. To update your index, you can take one of the following actions:

  • Edit the index definition. To learn more about editing your index definition, see Edit an Atlas Search Index.

  • Opt-in for an index update from the Atlas UI. To opt-in for an index update, follow the steps in the Procedure on this page.

The process for updating the Atlas Search index requires time and resources. For the index update to complete successfully, allocate free disk space equal to 125% of your current index's disk space. Alternatively, if you deployed separate search nodes, Atlas automatically deploys additional search nodes for the duration of the index rebuild and you don't need to allocate any free disk space.

You must update your index to enable the following features:

  • Sorting by fields of type date and number for indexes created before July 2023

  • Searching and sorting by fields of type null and UUID for indexes created before March 2024

To update the index:

  1. If it is not already displayed, select the organization that contains your desired project from the Organizations menu in the navigation bar.

  2. If it is not already displayed, select your desired project from the Projects menu in the navigation bar.

  3. If the Clusters page is not already displayed, click Database in the sidebar.

  1. Click your cluster's name.

  2. Click the Atlas Search tab.



If an index requires an update to enable a new feature, the Atlas UI shows a warning icon next to the index name.

  1. In the Index Overview page, click Update in the banner.

  2. Click Update Index in the confirmation window.

    While your index is updating, you can continue to query your collection using your previous index.

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