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Edit an Atlas Search Index

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  • Required Access
  • Edit an Atlas Search Index Using the Atlas UI
  • Edit an Atlas Search Index Using the Atlas Search API
  • Edit an Atlas Search Index Using the Atlas CLI
  • Edit an Atlas Search Index Programmatically

You can change the index definition of an existing Atlas Search index. You cannot rename an index; if you need to change an index's name, you must create a new index and delete the old one.

The following table shows the modes of access each role supports.

Atlas UI
Atlas API
Atlas Search API
Atlas CLI
To view Atlas Search analyzers and indexes.
To create and manage Atlas Search analyzers and indexes, and assign the role to your API Key.
To create access list entries for your API Key and send the request from a client that appears in the access list for your API Key.
To create, view, edit, and delete Atlas Search indexes using the Atlas UI or API.

Click Database in the top-left corner of Atlas to navigate to the Database Deployments page for your project.

  • Edit with Visual Editor for a guided experience.

  • Edit with JSON Editor to edit the raw index definition.


The index's status changes from Active to Building. In this state, you can continue to use the old index because Atlas Search does not delete the old index until the updated index is ready for use. Once the status returns to Active, the modified index is ready to use.

To edit an Atlas Search index through the API, send a PATCH request with the ID of the Atlas Search index that you wish to modity to the fts/indexes/ endpoint. To learn more about the syntax and parameters for this endpoint, see Update One.

To update a search index for a cluster using the Atlas CLI, run the following command:

atlas clusters search indexes update <indexId> [options]

To learn more about the command syntax and parameters, see the Atlas CLI documentation for atlas clusters search indexes update.


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You can edit an Atlas Search index programmatically by using mongosh or a supported MongoDB Driver in your preferred language.


You can't use the mongosh command or driver helper methods to edit Atlas Search indexes on M0, M2, or M5 Atlas clusters. To create and manage Atlas Search indexes using mongosh or the driver, upgrade to a dedicated cluster tier.

You must have at least the atlasAdmin role or dbAdmin access to the database that contains the indexes. To learn more, see Built-in Roles or Specific Privileges.

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