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Quickly try Atlas Search with the Atlas Search Playground. You can try different Atlas Search features by configuring search indexes and running queries without needing an Atlas account, cluster, or collection. You can also share a link to a snapshot of your Atlas Search Playground with others.

The Atlas Search Playground supports a subset of aggregation pipeline stages, including:

  • The Atlas Search Playground doesn't support Atlas Vector Search.

  • The Atlas Search Playground only supports a single collection. You can't use $lookup or $unionWith to search multiple collections.

  • The Atlas Search Playground environment does not persist. To save an environment, use the Share button to generate a snapshot URL that lasts 30 days.

  • The Atlas Search Playground has the following data limitations:

    • You can't add more than 500 documents to the Atlas Search Playground.

    • You can't import files larger than 100 KB.

    • Your total data in the Atlas Search Playground, including the collection, search index, synonyms, and queries, can't exceed 300 KB.

  • The Atlas Search Playground is not connected to your Atlas clusters. However, you can recreate your Atlas environment in the Atlas Search Playground by:

    1. Exporting documents from Atlas and importing into the Atlas Search Playground.

    2. Copying the Atlas Search index from your Atlas JSON Editor and pasting into the Index panel in the Atlas Search Playground.


Navigate to

  1. Create a search query in the Query panel. To learn more about queries, see Create and Run Atlas Search Queries.

    You can also use the default query displayed in the Atlas Search Playground for the template as-is to run queries against the pre-loaded sample data with the pre-configured index.

  2. Click Run in the upper right or press Command + Enter/Return.

  1. Click the pencil icon beside the title to give your snapshot a unique name.

  2. Click Share in the upper right to generate a URL that you can send to others.

Anyone can access this URL and interact with your snapshot for up to 30 days. Any changes made after generating the URL won't affect the original snapshot.


To erase the Atlas Search Playground and start over, click Reset in the upper right.


The Atlas Search Playground performance might differ from production performance.

You can try the following Atlas Search features in a preconfigured environment in the Atlas Search Playground.

Atlas Search Feature
compound Operator
Combines two or more operators into a single query.
exists Operator
Tests if a path to a specified indexed field name exists in a document.
highlight Option
Adds fields to the result set that display search terms as they appear in the returned documents, along with any adjacent text content.
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