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Get Started with Atlas Search

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This tutorial takes you through the steps of setting up and querying an Atlas Search index. You will use a collection with movie data from the Atlas sample data set.


Feature Unavailable in Serverless Instances

Serverless instances don't support this feature at this time. To learn more, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

To complete this tutorial you will need:

The following table shows the modes of access each role supports.

Atlas UI
Atlas API
Atlas Search API
Atlas CLI
Project Data Access Read Only or higher role
To view Atlas Search analyzers and indexes.
To create and manage Atlas Search analyzers and indexes, and assign the role to your API Key.
To create access list entries for your API Key and send the request from a client that appears in the access list for your API Key.
To create, view, edit, and delete Atlas Search indexes using the Atlas UI or API.

Choose one of the following ways to create your Atlas Search index:


To learn more about Atlas Search, you can take Unit 9 of the Intro To MongoDB Course on MongoDB University. The 1.5 hour unit includes an overview of Atlas Search and lessons on how to create Atlas Search indexes, use $search with compound operators, and group results using facet.

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