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Resume or Delete an Atlas Search Index Draft

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If you saved your Atlas Search index definition as a draft, you can resume editing your index definition.


You can't create a new index when you have a pending index draft.

To create, view, edit, and delete Atlas Search indexes, you must have Project Search Index Editor or higher access to the project.

  1. If it is not already displayed, select the organization that contains your desired project from the Organizations menu in the navigation bar.

  2. If it is not already displayed, select your desired project from the Projects menu in the navigation bar.

  3. If the Clusters page is not already displayed, click Database in the sidebar.

  1. Click Cancel.

  2. Click Save Draft or Delete Draft.


Click Refine Your Index to make changes to any of the following settings and click Save Changes.

Field Name
Index Analyzer

Specify the analyzer to use for indexing the collection data. By default, Atlas Search uses the standard analyzer ("lucene.standard").

Corresponds to the analyzer JSON setting.

Query Analyzer

Specifies the analyzer to apply to query text before searching the text. If you omit this field, the index inherits an analyzer by default in the following order:

  1. The analyzer option for this field if specified.

  2. The searchAnalyzer option for the index if specified.

  3. The analyzer option for the index if specified.

  4. The lucene.standard analyzer.

Corresponds to the searchAnalyzer JSON setting.

Dynamic Mapping

Specify dynamic or static mapping of fields. To disable dynamic mapping, set "dynamic": to Off. By default, dynamic mapping is enabled. If you disable dynamic mapping, you must specify the fields to index. To learn more about dynamic and static mappings, see Review Atlas Search Index Syntax.

Corresponds to the mappings.dynamic JSON setting.


A modal window appears to let you know your index is building. Click the Close button.


The newly created index appears on the Atlas Search tab. While the index is building, the Status field reads Build in Progress. When the index is finished building, the Status field reads Active.


Larger collections take longer to index. You will receive an email notification when your index is finished building.

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