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Atlas Kubernetes Operator is a new service that integrates Atlas resources with your Kubernetes cluster. You can now deploy and manage the lifecycle of your cloud-native applications that need data services in a single control plane with secure enterprise platform integration.

To learn more, see Quick Start.


Custom Resources Definitions Take Priority

Atlas Kubernetes Operator uses custom resource configuration files to manage your Atlas configuration. Each custom resource definition overrides settings specified in other ways such as in the Atlas UI. If you delete a custom resource, Atlas Kubernetes Operator deletes the object from Atlas unless you use annotations to skip deletion. To learn more, see the Create and Update Process and the Delete Process.

You can use Atlas Kubernetes Operator to manage resources in Atlas without leaving Kubernetes. You deploy Atlas Kubernetes Operator into Kubernetes clusters. Atlas Kubernetes Operator manages resources in Atlas based on Kubernetes custom resources. It ensures that the state of the projects, database deployments, and database users in Atlas matches the configurations in each AtlasProject Custom Resource, AtlasDeployment Custom Resource, and AtlasDatabaseUser Custom Resource that you create in your Kubernetes cluster.

Atlas Kubernetes Operator supports many advanced features within the Custom Resources, such as X509 authentication, private endpoints in Azure and AWS, and advanced multi-cloud and multi-region clusters.

Create your first cluster in Atlas with Atlas Kubernetes Operator.

See one of the following tutorials:

Configure Atlas Kubernetes Operator access to Atlas.
Manage resources.
Set up unified access for an AWS IAM role.
Create or update custom database roles.
Set up teams.
Configure the maintenance window during which Atlas starts weekly maintenance on your database deployments.
Integrate with third-party services.
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