Send Your MMS Alerts to the Right On-Call Engineer with PagerDuty

Meghan Gill


When you set up alerts in MongoDB Management Service, you now have the option to send them to PagerDuty. Like MMS, PagerDuty helps you increase application uptime and identify performance issues. With this new integration, you can set up multiple on-call schedules in PagerDuty to rotate your MMS alerts to different members of the team.

MongoDB Management Service tracks dozens of different MongoDB-specific metrics, providing you with visibility into the performance of you MongoDB system. Using MMS, you can create alerts when particular statistics are out of range. While previously you were limited to setting email and mobile alerts to individual members of the team, you can now rotate those alerts around your team, giving everyone time off by easily scheduling on-call rotations. And with PagerDuty, there are automated escalations so you can be sure that you’ll never miss an alert.

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