Introducing MongoDB Management Service

Meghan Gill


Today when you visit, you’ll notice that it has a new name: MongoDB Management Service (MMS). We’re rolling up all of our management tools (Monitoring, Backup and more to come) into a single suite that is the comprehensive service for managing MongoDB.

When we first released MMS in 2011, it was a monitoring tool only (in fact, it stood for MongoDB Monitoring Service), intended to help our users monitor and optimize the performance of their deployments. We were thrilled with the response from the users. Monitoring quickly became a critical tool both to our community users and in helping our commercial support team help MongoDB customers with their deployments.

Over the past year and half, we’ve continued to add more functionality, including real-time alerts, a new user interface and an integrated backup service. With its widening scope, the service needed a name that made sense.

Today we are actively investing in MongoDB Management Service, making it easier for people to manage their MongoDB infrastructure. You should expect to see lots of improvements and added functionality released on a regular basis.

Already a MongoDB Management Service user? We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new UI and we hope that you’ll give backup a try.

Haven’t created a MongoDB Management Service account? You can get started for free at