MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka version 1.2!

MongoDB is committed to the Apache Kafka ecosystem and has continued investment in the MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka. Today we are releasing version 1.2 of the connector which includes various bug fixes and enhancements. The most notable feature is a performance improvement allowing the sink connector to use multiple tasks. Prior to version 1.2, regardless of the number of partitions in a topic, there will only be a single task that pulls data from the topic into the sink. By configuring the tasks.max property in the sink, you are telling Kafka Connect that it can spin up multiple tasks to consume the data from the topic. Kafka Connect will assign at most one task per partition. Note that by specifying a number greater than 1 you are parallelizing the data ingestion off the topic and may have data out of order in the sink. This may or may not be an issue depending on your use case.

For any questions about the connector check out our Connectors section of the MongoDB Community page. For a complete list of changes in version 1.2 see the

To download the connector go to the GitHub repository or directly from the Confluent Hub!