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A realm is the core data structure used to organize data in Realm. A realm is a collection of the objects that you use in your application, called Realm objects, as well as additional metadata that describe the objects. To learn how to define a Realm object, see Define an Object Model.

Realm stores a binary encoded version of every object and type in a realm in a single .realm file. The file is located at a specific path that you can define when you open the realm. You can open, view, and edit the contents of these files with Realm Studio.


See: Auxiliary Realm Files

Realm creates additional files for each realm. To learn more about these files, see Realm Internals. Deleting these files has important implications. For more information about deleting .realm or auxiliary files, see: Delete a Realm

You can also open a realm entirely in memory, which does not create a .realm file or its associated auxiliary files. Instead the SDK stores objects in memory while the realm is open and discards them immediately when all instances are closed.


See: Open an In-Memory Realm

To open an in-memory realm, refer to Open an In-Memory Realm.

Calling Realm() or RLMRealm opens the default realm. This method returns a realm object that maps to a file named default.realm. You can find this file:

  • iOS: in the Documents folder of your app

  • macOS: in the Application Support folder of your app


See: Open a Default Realm

To open a default realm, refer to Open a Default Realm or Realm at a File URL.

The realm file is located at a specific path that you can optionally define when you open the realm.

// Get on-disk location of the default Realm
let realm = try! Realm()
print("Realm is located at:", realm.configuration.fileURL!)


See: Open a Realm at a Path

To open a realm at a specific path, refer to Open a Default Realm or Realm at a File URL.

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