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Telemetry - Swift SDK

MongoDB collects anonymized telemetry data from the Realm SDKs to better understand how and where developers use Realm. This data helps us determine what to work on next and lets us gracefully deprecate features with minimal impact. None of the telemetry data collected by the Realm SDKs personally identifies you, your app, or your employer.

Data is collected whenever you install the SDK, build your app (if applicable), or run your app in a non-production, debugging environment.

MongoDB collects the following information:

  • An anonymized machine ID and bundle ID

  • The Realm SDK version

  • Your programming language and framework versions

  • Your operating system platform and version

Telemetry is on by default for the Realm SDKs. You can disable telemetry at any time b by setting the REALM_DISABLE_ANALYTICS environment variable to true in your shell environment:


The Swift SDK does not include analytics in builds for the App Store. Because we do not collect telemetry on those builds, the SDK's Apple privacy manifest does not mention this telemetry. The SDK's Apple privacy manifest only covers Apple's API disclosure requirements.

For more details, refer to Apple Privacy Manifest.

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