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Assign Snapshot Stores to Specific Data Centers

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Additional Snapshot Stores can be added to meet storage requirements. These additional stores can be deployed in the same data center as the first store. There are times where these stores need to be deployed to other data centers due to either network performance issues or regulatory requirements.

You can bind specific Ops Manager projects to specific snapshot stores and particular data centers. This assigns the backups of particular MongoDB deployments to specific data centers.


You can bind only projects to specific snapshot stores or data centers. You cannot bind shards to a specific location.

Diagram showing the flow of data for Ops Manager's backup components when using two Data Centers.

This tutorial sets up two snapshot stores, one in each of two separate data centers, and attaches a separate project to each.

  • Configure the two Ops Manager Application instances to share a single dedicated Ops Manager Application Database.

    • The members of the Ops Manager Application Database replica set can be put in each data center.

  • Configure each Backup to use the URL for its local Ops Manager Application.

    • Each Ops Manager Application can use a different hostname or a split-horizon DNS to point each agent to its local Ops Manager Application.


The Ops Manager Application Database and the backup blockstore databases are MongoDB databases and can run as standalones or replica sets.

For production deployments, use replica sets to provide database high availability.

Each data center must host its own backup blockstore database or File System Store, Ops Manager Application and MongoDB Agent with Backup.

Each server must meet the cumulative hardware and software requirements for the components it runs. See Ops Manager System Requirements.

All servers running Backup and Ops Manager Application Databases use MongoDB. They must meet the configuration requirements in the MongoDB Production Notes.

Install MongoDB on the servers that host the:

  • Ops Manager Application database

  • Blockstore databases

See Install MongoDB in the MongoDB manual to find the correct install procedure for your operating system.

To run replica sets for the Ops Manager Application database and blockstore databases, see Deploy a Replica Set in the MongoDB manual.

Install the Ops Manager Application in each data center.


See Install Ops Manager for instructions for your operating system.


Each set of installation instructions for each operating system covers how to create a multiple instances of an Ops Manager Application. These activities need to be completed before binding projects to the backup resources.

  1. Click on your user name in the upper-right hand corner and select My Projects.

  2. Click Add Project.

  3. Enter the project name.

  4. Click Create Project.

  1. Click the Backup tab.

  2. Click the Daemons page and check that there are two daemons listed.

  3. Click the Snapshot Storage page.

  4. Create a file system store or a blockstore using network storage or a MongoDB database in Data Center #2.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click the Oplog Storage page.

  7. Add an oplog store using a MongoDB database in Data Center #2.

  8. Click Save.

  1. Click the General tab.

  2. Click the Projects page.

  3. Select the name of the project assigned to Data Center 1.

  4. Click the View link to the right of Backup Configuration.

  5. Select the local options for Project 1 / Data Center 1.

    Backup Daemons
    Choose Select Backup Daemons then check the daemon that is in Data Center 1.
    Oplog Stores
    Choose Select Oplog Stores then check the oplog store that is in Data Center 1.
    Snapshot Stores
    Choose Select Snapshot Stores then check the snapshot store that is in Data Center 1.
  6. Repeat steps a to e for Project 2.

  1. Install MongoDB Agent to the project assigned to Data Center 1.

  2. As needed for the MongoDB Agent used with the Data Center 1 project, activate:

  3. Install MongoDB Agent to the project assigned to Data Center 2.

  4. As needed for the MongoDB Agent used with the Data Center 2 project, activate:

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