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Choropleth Chart Shape Schemes

Atlas Charts provides shape schemes to help define regions in your Choropleth Charts. Each shape scheme has a distinct set of expected values where each value corresponds to a region.

In choropleth charts, you specify regions with the Location channel. The value in the location channel must match a region value for the selected Shape Scheme (case insensitive)- when using the US States scheme, the region of California will match both california and CA as well as California.

The following table defines the available shape schemes and their expected Location values:

Shape Scheme
Accepted Values
Countries and Regions
Default shape scheme. Full country names, two-letter ISO-3166-1alpha2 country codes, and some common country name variants.
Brazil, United States, BR, USA
US States
Full names and two-letter abbreviations (FIPS state codes) for the states in the United States.
New York, NY
Canadian Provinces
Full names and two-letter codes for Canadian provinces, expressed in English or French language.
New Brunswick, Nouveau-Brunswick
UK Countries
Countries in the United Kingdom.
  • England

  • Scotland

  • Wales

  • Northern Ireland

UK Counties and Districts

Local administrative counties, areas, and districts across the United Kingdom.


This shape scheme doesn't include ceremonial counties.

Norfolk, Essex
German States
Full names and two-letter German state codes of German states, expressed in German or English language.
Saxony, Sachsen
Australian States
Full names and abbreviations for Australian states.
Victoria, VIC
Australian Local Government Areas
Australian local government areas.
Yarra, Waverley
Italian Regions
Full names and three-letter abbreviations for all Italian regions, expressed in Italian or English language.
Liguria, LIG
Dutch Provinces
Full names and abbreviations for Dutch provinces, expressed in Dutch or English language.
Drenthe, DR
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