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Migrate Static Hosting and GraphQL From App Services

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  • GraphQL Providers
  • Apollo
  • Hasura
  • WunderGraph
  • Static Hosting Providers
  • Netlify
  • Vercel
  • AWS S3 Blob Storage

As of March 12, 2024 , GraphQL and Static Hosting are deprecated for Atlas App Services. GraphQL and Static Hosting services will be discontinued after one year on March 12, 2025.

If you use GraphQL or Static Hosting, you should migrate to other providers before the services are discontinued. Below, you can find migration guides for official, trusted MongoDB partners that offer best-in-class alternative solutions. These migration guides offer step by step guidance for how to transition off of our services, and have been created in collaboration with our partners.

The following GraphQL providers can help you keep your projects running.

Apollo provides a developer platform and open-source tools and SDKs—including Apollo Server—to unify your data and services. Apollo Server is a spec-compliant, production-ready server library that can use data from any source, including MongoDB Atlas.

Refer to Migrate GraphQL to Apollo for details.

Hasura empowers developers to rapidly build and deploy GraphQL and REST APIs on MongoDB and many other data sources. By radically cutting down API development times, Hasura enables rapid access to data, reduces friction across teams and services, and enables enterprises to shorten time to market on data-powered products and features.

Refer to Migrate GraphQL to Hasura for details.

WunderGraph is a comprehensive developer platform that comes equipped with an extensive variety of open-source tools and software development kits (SDKs).

One of these integral tools is a Backend for Frontend (BFF) Framework. This BFF Framework serves as a robust, specification-compliant server library ready to be implemented in production environments. The notable feature of this library is its ability to integrate data from any source whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, data from MongoDB Atlas. Also, if you plan on using GraphQL Federation, take a look at WunderGraph Cosmo.

Refer to Migrate GraphQL to WunderGraph for details.

The following static hosting providers can help you keep your projects running.

Netlify provides developers with the platform and workflow to focus on building websites and apps without dedicating time and resources on labor-intensive operations. Developers are enabled to build and deploy future-proof web apps and websites with modern, composable tooling that works with all modern frontend frameworks. With support for static site generation (SSG), server-side rendering (SSR) and incremental site regeneration (ISR), Netlify's managed frontend cloud and CI/CD can support the growing needs of your App Services application.

Refer to Migrate Static Hosting to Netlify for details.

Vercel is a frontend cloud for hosting web sites and apps, including static sites, single-page applications (SPAs), dynamic server-rendered applications, and more. It is compatible with your App Services application.

Refer to Migrate Static Hosting to Vercel for details.

If you are solely using the MongoDB Atlas Hosting service as a blob store for static content and are not hosting a client application, follow the steps below to migrate from using Atlas Hosting to using your own S3 bucket.

Refer to Migrate to Your Own S3 Bucket for details.

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