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Atlas Device SDKs

Install the .NET SDK

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  • Prerequisites
  • Installation
  • Open the NuGet Package Manager
  • Add the Realm Package
  • Open the NuGet Package Manager
  • Add the Realm Package
  • Add the Realm Weaver to FodyWeavers.xml
  • Import the SDK

You can use the Atlas Device SDK for .NET to develop apps in C# .NET with several frameworks, including .NET MAUI, Xamarin, Avalonia UI, UWP, Unity, and others.

For more information about specific version support for .NET, .NET MAUI, UWP, and Xamarin, see Platform and Framework Compatibility - .NET SDK.


Integrating the .NET SDK with Unity has different prerequisites and install steps than the ones below. Learn how to Integrate the SDK with Unity.

Before getting started, ensure you have installed Visual Studio:


Atlas Device SDK and Realm

The SDK uses Realm Core database for device data persistence. When you install the .NET SDK, the package names reflect Realm naming.

Follow these steps to add the .NET SDK to your project.


Install the SDK for all projects

If you have a multi-platform solution, be sure to install the SDK for all of the platform projects, even if the given project doesn't contain any SDK-specific code.

Add the following line to the top of your source files to use the SDK:

using Realms;
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