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Create, View, and Drop Databases

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  • Required Roles
  • Create a Database
  • View Databases
  • Drop a Database

You can use the Atlas UI to manage the databases in your database deployments.

The following table describes the roles required to perform various actions to a database in the Atlas UI:

Required Roles
Create Databases
View Databases
Drop Databases

One of the following roles:

To create a database through the Atlas UI:


Enter the Database Name and the Collection Name to create the database and its first collection.


Don't include sensitive information in your database and collection names.

For more information on MongoDB database names and collection names, see Naming Restrictions.


Select whether the collection is a capped collection. If you select to create a capped collection, specify the maximum size in bytes.


Select whether the collection is a time series collection. If you select to create a time series collection, specify the time field and granularity. You can optionally specify the meta field and the time for old data in the collection to expire.


Upon successful creation, the database and the collection appears in the Atlas UI.

From the Collections tab, you can view the databases and collections in the deployment. Atlas UI shows the databases in the left pane:

Screenshot of the Collections tab in the Atlas UI.

From the Collections tab, you can launch MongoDB Charts to visualize data in your databases and collections.

To visualize data in MongoDB Charts from the Atlas UI, click Visualize Your Data when viewing a specific database or collection. Charts loads the data source and you can start building a chart in the Charts view. For detailed steps, see Build Charts.

To drop a database, including all its collections, through the Atlas UI:


Either select or hover of the database to drop and click on its trash can icon.


Confirm by typing the name of the database, and click Drop.

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