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Endpoint Logs

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Endpoint logs are created whenever a user calls an HTTPS Endpoint.

Endpoint log entries have the following form:

<log line>,
<log line>,
"arguments": [
"name": <function name>,
Function Call Location: <location>
Endpoint Query Arguments: <arguments>
Endpoint Headers: <headers>
Compute Used: <number> bytes•ms
Remote IP Address: <ip address>
Information about the Endpoint Call. Includes the name of the function, as well as the arguments passed to it. Also includes a list of console.log outputs, when relevant.
Function Call Location
The data center in which the function was executed.
Compute Used
The computational load of the operation.
Remote IP Address
The IP Address that sent the request to the endpoint. (e.g.
Platform Version
The version of the platform that sent the request.
Endpoint Query Arguments
The parameters passed to the endpoint function.
Endpoint Headers
A list of headers and the information passed to them, to be used by the endpoint and its function.

Log entries created by unsuccessful operations may feature additional fields for debugging purposes. These include the following:

A brief description of an error.
Remote IP Address
The IP Address that sent the request to the endpoint. (e.g.
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