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  • Increased function execution timeout from 210 seconds to 240 seconds.

  • Remove function_name in endpoint request body when fetching, creating, and modifying HTTPS Endpoints from the Admin API.

  • Add additional currentPasswordValid parameter to password reset function.

  • Update Atlas Device Sync with Flexible Sync to use the same rules and permissions as other services. This update is currently only applied to newly created Apps. On the week of 26 February, 2023, existing apps will have their Flexible Sync specific-rules migrated to use the same rules and permissions as other services.

  • Support App Services deployments in the following GCP regions:

    • Ohio (us-central1)

    • Virginia (us-east4)

    • Oregon (us-west1)

    • Belgium (europe-west1)

    • Mumbai (asia-south1)

  • Added support for database.getCollectionNames() in Atlas Functions.

  • Introduced a refreshed UI for Rules.

  • Introduced option to encode HTTPS Endpoint responses as EJSON or JSON.

  • Added support for serverless Atlas instances as data sources. Serverless instances do not yet support Triggers or Sync.

  • Introduced ability to accept null values as optional types in Realm Schema.

  • Added ability to download logs from the UI.

  • Added Flexible Sync support for queries using BETWEEN and the string operators BEGINSWITH, ENDSWITH, CONTAINS.

  • Added Flexible Sync support for queries on arrays of primitives.

  • Performance improvements for Functions, particularly aimed at decreasing the runtime for those dependencies that make external requests.

  • MongoDB Atlas moved to Let's Encrypt as the new Certificate Authority for TLS certificates for all App Services.

  • Visually refreshed the Schema UI.

  • Introduced Log Forwarding, which automatically stores your application's server-side logs in a MongoDB collection or sends them to an external service.

  • Requests blocked by an application's IP Access List no longer count towards billing.

  • Increased request limit from 3000 requests per second to 5000 requests per second.

  • Allows users to store non-Realm files in the App Services app structure.

  • Updates to documents that do not match an application's schema can now enable Atlas Device Sync for those documents.

  • Introduced the ability to export and re-deploy the most recent 25 deploys.

  • Added JWT Authentication support for JWTs with multiple audiences.

  • Introduced support for bi-directional GitHub Autodeploy.

  • Added the ability to link a Github repository on application create.

  • Improves performance of client requests to app servers.

  • Fixes an issue where aggregation pipelines did not support the $set operator.

  • Reduces "Invalid Session" logs.

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