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Activity Feed & Atlas App Services Alerts

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MongoDB Atlas provides an Activity Feed that displays events for each project. Atlas App Services activities are included in this feed. To view and/or download only App Services events, you can specify a filter, as described below.

There are two ways to access the Project Activity Feed: through the Atlas UI, and through the Atlas API. The following Atlas documentation pages describe each approach:

App Services activities are a subset of Atlas alerts. You can filter the Project Activity Feed results to show only App Services events, or a subset of App Services events. To do this, click the Filter by event(s) menu and check App Services. In the right-hand side of the menu, you will see all App Services events selected. Deselect any that you do not want to see. The feed list automatically updates with each change you make.

Filter App Services activities in the Atlas UI


Filtering By App Services Application

The Activity Feed does not support filtering events by App Services application, but each event (and its corresponding alert) provides context and routing information for the appropriate application.

The Category for all App Services activities is "App Services"; within that category, there are several Events:

Event Type
Device Sync
Sync Failure
A Sync process has failed and cannot be restarted
Trigger Failure
A Trigger has failed and cannot be restarted
URL Confirmation for Static Hosting
A Custom URL is confirmed for static hosting (Static Hosting is deprecated. Learn more)
Successful Deploy
A user (or Code Deployment) deployment has succeeded
Deployment Failure
A user (or Code Deployment) deployment has failed
Request Rate Limit
An overall request rate limit was hit

There are default alerts that map to three of the activities listed above. In addition, you can create custom alerts for the other App Services activities.

App Services default alerts trigger a notification and email to the Project Owners. The default App Services alerts occur when:

  • A Trigger has failed and cannot be restarted

  • A Trigger was automatically resumed

  • A Sync process has failed and cannot be restarted

  • An overall request rate limit has been hit

  • A Log Forwarder has failed and cannot be restarted

For any activity that is not mapped to a default alert, you can set a custom alert at the Project level. For a list of the available App Services metrics, refer to App Services Metrics Reference.

You create App Services alerts in the same way you create other Atlas alerts. When creating a new alert, in the "Alert if" section, select App Services from the Target.


Forward Logs to a Service


Log Types