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Authentication Logs

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Atlas App Services creates authentication logs whenever a user is created, deleted, or logs in.

Authentication log entries have the following form:

Remote IP Address: <ip address>
SDK: <sdk name>
Platform Version: <version number>

Remote IP Address SDK Platform Version

Remote IP Address
The IP Address that sent the request to App Services. (e.g.
Platform Version
The version of the platform that sent the request.

The SDK used to send the request. Potential values include any SDK. For a browser, this is <browser> <SDK version>.


This request came from the Realm Web SDK version 4.0.0 running on Mozilla Firefox:

SDK: firefox v4.0.0

This request came from the Realm Java SDK version 4.6.0 running on Android Marshmallow:

SDK: android v4.6.0

Log entries created by unsuccessful operations may feature additional fields for debugging purposes. These include the following:

A brief description of an error.
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