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Pavel Duchovny

Lead Developer Advocate - Tel Aviv

Hi, there! I am Pavel a former Senior Technical Services Engineer and now a Senior Developer Advocate @MongoDB. My professional sphere was always the database world, so I come to share my knowledge and passion for the data driven development.

Articles by Pavel Duchovny


Kafka to MongoDB Atlas End to End Tutorial

A simple step-by-step tutorial on how to use MongoDB Atlas with a Kafka Connector and connect it to any Remote Kafka Cluster.


Triggers Treats and Tricks: Cascade Document Delete Using Triggers Preimage

In this article, we will show you how to use a preimage feature to perform cascading relationship deletes via a trigger - based on the deleted parent document.


Building Service-Based Atlas Cluster Management

Learn how to build Service-Based Atlas Cluster Management webhooks/functionality with Atlas Admin API and MongoDB Realm.


Atlas Data Lake SQL Integration to Form Powerful Data Interactions

Learn how new SQL-based syntax can power your data lake insights in minutes. Integrate this capability with powerful BI tools like Tableau to get immediate value out of your data.


Generating MQL Shell Commands Using OpenAI and New mongosh Shell

Learn how new mongosh external modules can be used to generate MQL language via OpenAI engine. Transform simple text sentences into sophisticated queries.


Realm Triggers Treats and Tricks - Auto-Increment a Running ID Field

In this article, we will explore a trick that lets us auto-increment a running ID using a trigger.


Realm Triggers Treats and Tricks - Document-Based Trigger Scheduling

In this article, we will explore a trick that lets us invoke a trigger task based on a date document field in our collections.


How to Securely Connect MongoDB Atlas Projects to Cloud-Offered Kubernetes Clusters

A high-level guide on how to securely connect MongoDB Atlas with the Kubernetes offerings from Amazon AWS, Google Cloud (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.


Atlas Multi-Cloud Global Cluster: Always Available, Even in the Apocalypse!

Learn how to build Atlas Multi-Cloud Global Cluster: Always available, even in the apocalypse!


Realm Serverless platform integration with No-Code Composer from AppGyver

Tutorial on Realm Serverless platform integration with the No-Code platform from AppGyver

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