Open Source Database Software

Open source software has gained widespread adoption in recent years as part of an overall shift towards modern development practices which take advantage of cloud computing and being able to scale out over commodity hardware.

NoSQL databases, which tend to be open source, arose amid this trend by addressing the limitations found in traditional relational database technologies. In recent years, open source database software has seen widespread adoption as companies find that they can innovate more quickly and at a lower cost than with relational databases.

At the forefront of open source database software is MongoDB with 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of deployments. By combining the best of aspects of relational databases with the flexibility, scale, and performance required by today’s applications, MongoDB lets companies build applications that were previously impractical or impossible.

MongoDB brings the innovations of open source databases:

  • ** A flexible data model ** to easily adapt to grown and the changing needs of your business over time
  • ** High performance ** that is aligned with real-time, always-on experiences customers have come to expect
  • ** Scalability ** to future proof your application

And combines them with the best features of relational databases:

  • An ** expressive query language ** for building powerful features with your data
  • ** Strong consistency ** so your applications can immediately see updates to your data
  • ** Secondary indexes ** offer powerful and fast indexes that allow you to navigate your data quickly

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