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Tens of thousands of organizations use MongoDB to build high-performance systems at scale. Organizations ranging from Fortune 100 enterprises to the most agile startups rely on MongoDB. They've grown from single server deployments to clusters with over 1,000 nodes, delivering millions of operations per second on over 100 billion documents and petabytes of data.

Scalability is not just about speed. It's about 3 different metrics, which often work together:

  • Cluster Scale. Distributing the database across 100+ nodes, often in multiple data centers

  • Performance Scale. Sustaining 100,000+ database read and writes per second while maintaining strict latency SLAs

  • Data Scale. Storing 1 billion+ documents in the database

There are many examples of MongoDB users who are pushing the limits to scalability. Here are a few, organized around each scaling dimension.

Cluster Scale


Amadeus is the worlds, largest technology company dedicated to the travel industry, handling 630 million bookings and 1.6 billion passengers every year. The company’s travel systems rely on over 100 MongoDB clusters, totaling 570+ nodes, with the largest cluster managing over 100TB of data. Use cases include flight recommendations, payments, airline analytics, and fraud detection


EA Sports FIFA is the world's best-selling sports video game franchise. To serve millions of players, EA's Spearhead development studio selected MongoDB to store user data and game state. Auto-sharding makes it simple to scale MongoDB across EA's 250+ servers with no limits to growth as EA FIFA wins more fans.


Sprinklr helps some of the biggest companies in the world reach, listen to, and engage with their customers across more than 25 different channels, all from one unified platform. MongoDB is deployed on more than 800 instances running on multiple public cloud platforms, supporting the ingest and processing of hundreds of thousands of messages every second.

Square Enix

Square Enix uses MongoDB to scale TOMB RAIDER, HITMAN ABSOLUTION, DEUS EX & more. MongoDB’s advanced management platform enables the operations team at Square Enix to scale dozens of database clusters on-demand and deliver 24x7 availability to gamers around the world, all with just one administrator.


Sailthru makes it easy for e-commerce and media brands to personalize content across a variety of channels, including email, onsite, mobile, social and more. As the company's customer base has swelled to over a billion users, 125 million content documents (e.g., URLs and products relevant to particular users), and 5 billion messages per month, Sailthru has come to store over 40 terabytes of data in MongoDB across 120 nodes on mostly physical infrastructure.

Performance Scale


Foursquare is used by over 50 million people worldwide, who have checked in over 6 billion times, with millions more added every day. MongoDB is Foursquare's main database, supporting hundreds of thousands of operations per second and storing all check-ins and history, user, and venue data along with reviews.


AHL, a part of Man Group plc, is a quantitative investment manager based in London and Hong Kong, with over $11.3 billion in assets under management. After evaluating multiple technology options, AHL used MongoDB to replace its relational and specialised 'tick' databases. MongoDB supports 250 million ticks per second, at 40x lower cost than the legacy technologies it replaced.


Qihoo uses MongoDB to support over 100 applications deployed on over 1,500 nodes, serving 20 billion operations per day. Core Internet services including location-based mobile search, log analytics and SSO session caching rely on MongoDB's scalability and performance to serve hundreds of millions of users.

Global Financial

One of the world's top 5 banks powers its global reference data management platform with MongoDB. Replicating data across 12 data centers distributed around the world, MongoDB scales to serve the latest financial data to support traders in every country, while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Delivering personalized, on-demand TV services on a microservices-based platform, supporting 100,000 operations per second with 99.999% availability.

Data Scale


Since its first MongoDB project in 2012, Baidu has grown its cluster to 600 nodes storing 200 billion documents and 1PB of data, powering over 100 apps.

Experian Health

Providing a more natural data storage model for its petabytes of data from 300 million patients, Experian Health is moving its primary database from Windows and SQL Server to Linux and MongoDB, running with Docker and Kubernetes.


Genomics England uses MongoDB to power the data science behind the 100,000 Genomes Project, scaling to handle hundreds of terabytes of complex genetic data that powers life saving and ground-breaking discoveries.


MongoDB powers McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI), a cloud-based intelligence service that correlates data from millions of sensors around the globe. Billions of documents are stored and analyzed in MongoDB to deliver real-time threat intelligence to other McAfee end-client products.


Many of the world's most recognizable brands use Adobe Experience Manager to accelerate development of digital experiences that increase customer loyalty, engagement and demand. Adobe uses MongoDB to store petabytes of data in the large-scale content repositories underpinning the Experience Manager.


Appsee is a new generation of mobile analytics company providing business owners with deep insights into user behavior, enabling them to increase engagement, conversion, and monetization. Customers include eBay, AVIS, Virgin, Samsung, Argos, Upwork, and many more. Appsee relies on MongoDB to ingest the firehose of time-series session data collected from its customers’ mobile apps, and then makes sense of it all. Thats 20 billion documents, 15TB of data scaled across a MongoDB cluster in the cloud, doubling every year.


CARFAX relies on its Vehicle History database to connect potential buyers with used vehicles in their area, and for analytics to guide the business. To improve customer experience, CARFAX migrated to MongoDB which now manages over 13 billion documents *(before replication)* across multiple data centers.

Other examples of extreme data scale on MongoDB:

  • Amadeus uses MongoDB to concurrently handle billions of queries serving travlers in more than 190 countries.

  • RMS Data storage and analytics for global risk management on trillions of documents.

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