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Integrating Relational Migrator with Kafka

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Relational Migrator uses Apache Kafka as a robust transport layer to migrate data from a source relational database to MongoDB. Relational Migrator can be used as a Kafka Connect plug-in that improves resilience and scalability of big data migration jobs.

Relational Migrator with Kafka is intended for large and long running jobs. Kafka's built-in resilience ensures the sync job can recover and continue running if any component becomes temporarily unavailable.

Relational Migrator works with Kafka as a Kafka Connect sink connector. A Debezium connector captures data events from your source database, while Relational Migrator interprets and transforms events from the Debezium source and sends them to a MongoDB cluster that acts as a data sink.

Architecturally, Relational Migrator is deployed within Kafka as a Kafka Connect sink connector. Database events are captured using the open-source Debezium tool for database change data capture. A Debezium Connector captures these events from your source database.

Relational Migrator with Kafka

You can use the following deployment methods to install Relational Migrator with Kafka:

Deployment Method
Install with an Existing Kafka Cluster
This deployment method is ideal if you are already running Kafka or have your own approach to installing and configuring Kafka.
This deployment method is ideal for educational purposes. Use this if you are looking to learn and understand how to configure your own multi-server Kafka environment.
This deployment method is ideal if you want the reliability of Kafka without having to manage your own cluster.


Run Relational Migrator as a System Service on Debian


Install with an Existing Kafka Cluster