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Explore engineering and expert-provided example projects to learn best practices and common development patterns for Realm and Atlas App Services.

Learn about the core features of Realm with Atlas Device Sync.

Project Name
Links for Available SDKs
Connection State Change & Error Handling
Learn best practices around handling Sync errors and client reset strategies.
Offline Login and Realm Access
Log in a Device Sync user and open a synced realm offline.
Template Apps
A todo list mobile app that syncs data with App Services using Device Sync. See the App Services Getting Started page for more information and detailed tutorials.

Check out these supplementary projects to build on the power of Realm with Atlas Device Sync.

Project Name
Links for Available SDKs
Analytics/Telemetrics Data
Take sensor readings, push data to Atlas, and display the results in Atlas Charts or a time series collection.
User's Online State
Detect connectivity and activity of users and devices.
Coffee Machine
Build a smart coffee machine app with Realm, C++, and Qt.
Build a sample workplace chat app, built with Realm and Atlas Device Sync.
Provider Shopper
Build a modified Flutter sample app that uses a local Realm instead of in-memory collection.
Time Track
Build a console app that shows how to subscribe for changes in a Realm collection.
Bundled Realm
Build a Flutter app with a pre-initialized realm file that is shipped with the app.
Realm Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) Sample
Build a simple multiplatform calculator app.
Build a bookshelf app using a shared business logic in Ktor, Kotlinx.Serialization, and Realm, combined with a platform specific UI using Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI.
Kotlin Multiplatform Demo
Build a multiplatform demo running on Android/iOS/macOS and JVM with Compose Desktop.
JVM Console Application
Build a simple Jave Console Application using Realm Kotlin.
Property-level Encryption
Enhance user data security with property-level encryption.
Atlas Search
Run Atlas Search queries with autocomplete and compound search terms by using an aggregation pipeline.
Realm with REST APIs
Use Realm for real-time operations together with REST APIs for server-side business logic - all with a single ViewModel.
Large File Storage
Store large files, such as images, on a remote server. Use Triggers and Functions to store the references. Leverage Realm's offline-first design to store large images, even when offline.
Quick Journal
Build a synced journal app with Realm and Atlas Device Sync.
Desktop Apps with Avalonia
Build a simple desktop todo app with Realm and Avalonia.
Game with Unity
Build an infinite runner game with Unity and the .NET Realm SDK.
Smart Factory Interface
Build an interface to order and produce a product based on stock availability, using the digital representation of a physical factory and computer vision.
Vehicle Simulator and Controller
Build a connected platform to monitor vehicle analytics, using MongoDB Atlas and the AWS ecosystem.
Shared Whiteboard
Create a drawing app that demonstrates Realm mobile database and Atlas Device Sync.
Build a simple issue ticket system with Realm and SwiftUI.
Use Realm to cache data retrieved from an API and access the data offline.
Build a simple chat app with SwiftUI and Realm.
Minesweeper in Realm
Build a collaborative Mine Sweeper app using Atlas Device Sync and Realm mobile database.
Apple Sign-in Authentication
Implement Apple Sign-in Authentication to authenticate users in your Realm database.
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