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Embedded Error Codes

If an embedded chart or dashboard fails to render, Charts displays an error code in place of the rendered chart or dashboard. Refer to the following table for more information on each error code.


To see a more detailed description of your error, you can open your browser's development console.

Error Code
Error Cause
More Information
Unknown error.
Chart not found.
Check the id field in the iframe and make sure it matches the id in the Embed Chart modal window.
Embedding not enabled.
Check whether embedding is enabled in your chart's or dashboard's Embed Chart or Embed Dashboard modal window.
Embedding not allowed.
Check that embedding is enabled for your chart's or dashboard's backing data source.
Invalid payload.

Your application server is not creating a usable signature.


Using verified signatures to authenticate your embedded chart is deprecated. Instead, use an embedding authentication provider.

Invalid autoRefresh value specified.
The autoRefresh value must be an integer greater than 0.
Filter not allowed.
When you filter an embedded chart, the fields used in the filter must be present in the Allowed filter fields list. Additionally, filters embedded charts cannot use non-logical operators before a field name (e.g., $expr, $where, or $text).
Filter not valid.
A filter parameter contains an invalid value.
Invalid JWT.
Your application's JWT is invalid or malformed.
JWT has no matching providers.
Your application's JWT is not associated with an Authenticated Embedding Provider.
No authentication providers are configured.
You must configure an Authenticated Embedding Provider to support your JWT.
JWT was issued in the future.

This error can occur if the time on the machine that issued the JWT is more than 5 minutes ahead of the actual time,. This can occur if the machine's time has been manually adjusted.

To resolve this error, ensure that the machine issuing the JWT is in sync with the actual time and is set to the correct time zone.

JWT does not have an expiry date.
To use your JWT for authenticated embedding, it must have an expiry date. A JWT that never expires is dangerous because if the token is compromised, someone can always access the data that the token was securing.
JWT is expired.
You need to reissue a JWT with an expiration date in the future.
Token lifetime is greater than 24 hours.
Your token cannot expire more than 24 hours from the time it was created. Refreshing your tokens on a regular basis ensures that the token holder still has expected access rights.
Audience tag on JWT does not match with any provider.
Your JWT's audience claim must match the audience claim with the token's associated authentication provider.
Injected filter failed to apply.
Your injected filter function failed or returned an illegal result.
Client ID doesn't match provider.
This error occurs for Atlas App Services and Google authentication providers if the token is valid but was issued for a different application.
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