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Embedding SDK

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  • Install the Embedding SDK
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You can embed a chart or dashboard into a web application with the Embedding SDK, allowing more flexible adjustments of settings and rendering.

To learn more, see Get Started with the Embedding SDK.

If you have a simple web app, you can reference the Embedding SDK from a script tag, and no installation is needed. You can use the UMD to run @mongodb-js/charts-embed-sdk directly in the browser.

<script src=""></script>

If you are building a more complex web app and are using npm or yarn, you can install the Embedding SDK so that it can be used directly from your script files.

To install the embedding SDK with npm, use the following command:

npm install @mongodb-js/charts-embed-dom

To install with yarn:

yarn add @mongodb-js/charts-embed-dom

An example app using the embedding SDK can be found at The example app demonstrates some of the interactive features available to the embedding SDK, including an interactive filter and a manual refresh button.

The example app is configured with a chart ID and base URL which are particular to the app. Be sure to configure your own apps with the correct chart ID or dashboard ID and base URL.

The example app uses two SDK methods:

Reloads the chart with the latest data from its data source.

Filters your embedded chart based on a specified MQL filter document.


Any fields included in the filter must be specified in the Embed Chart modal. See Filter Embedded Charts with the SDK.

filter object

Other examples are available in the MongoDB Embedding SDK Examples GitHub repository.

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