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Schedule Dashboard Reports

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  • Required Permissions
  • Limitations
  • Create a Scheduled Report
  • Edit a Scheduled Report
  • Delete a Scheduled Report

You can create, edit, and delete scheduled reports for your dashboard. A scheduled report automatically sends a snapshot of dashboard data to a group of users at a regular frequency.

To view your scheduled reports, click Reports in the sidebar of the Charts UI, under Scheduling.

Reports under the Scheduling label in the Charts dashboard sidebar.
click to enlarge

To create, edit, and delete scheduled reports for a dashboard, you must have:

  • The Owner dashboard permission role for your Charts dashboard.

  • Write access to your Atlas project through an Atlas user role.


  • For M0 clusters, you can create one scheduled report per project.

  • For M2 and higher tier clusters, you can create up to 100 scheduled reports per project.

  • At this time, scheduled reports can only be sent by email.

To create a new scheduled report:

Schedule button in the top right corner of your selected Charts dashboard.
click to enlarge

A New Report dialog box opens.


Provide the following information:

The name of your report to show on the Reports page. For email reports, this is also the subject line.

The list of recipients to whom to send your report. You can specify any combination of the following:

  • Individual project members

  • All project members (by clicking Add All from the dropdown)

  • Individual external email addresses


You can specify a maximum of 10 external email addresses.

(Optional) A message to send with your report. For email reports, this is the email body.

The type of file to use for the dashboard report. You can select either PNG or PDF.

If you select PDF, you must also select an orientation for the report document.


To send a test email to yourself to view the output of a report before you send or schedule it, click Send test email.

Charts sends a report to your email address immediately.


You can create a schedule for a recurring report, or send a single report immediately.

To schedule a recurring report:

  1. Toggle the switch to Schedule.

  2. Specify a start date and time. The first report will be sent at this time.

  3. Select a frequency from the Frequency dropdown. You can select:

    • Once

    • Daily

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

    • Quarterly

  4. Select a timezone from the Schedule dropdown.

  5. Click Schedule.

Charts adds your new scheduled report to a list of reports for your project. To view this list and to edit your scheduled reports, see Edit a Scheduled Report.

To send a single report immediately:

  1. Toggle the switch to Send now.

  2. Click Send now.

Charts sends your report immediately. The report isn't added to the list of scheduled reports for your project.

To edit an existing scheduled report:


Any dashboard owner of a particular dashboard can delete a report.


Dashboard owners that have the Project Read Only role cannot create or delete dashboards.

To delete an existing scheduled report:


A Delete Report dialog box opens.

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