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Integrate with PagerDuty

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You can configure Atlas to send alerts from your project to your PagerDuty dashboard. With PagerDuty integration, you can:

  • Record incidents and notify on-call responders based on Atlas alerts.

  • Automatically resolve incidents in PagerDuty when an Atlas alert is closed with bidirectional synchronization.

With a PagerDuty integration, you can send Atlas cluster event data to PagerDuty when Atlas alerts that you specify are triggered. PagerDuty can create a new incident for the corresponding service, filter additional alerts from the same source into that incident, and alert on-call PagerDuty users.

Once the Atlas alert has been resolved, PagerDuty resolves the incident.

To create, update, or remove a PagerDuty integration, you must have Project Owner access to the project. Users with Organization Owner access must add themselves to the project as a Project Owner.

To integrate Atlas with PagerDuty, you must have a PagerDuty account.

If you do not have an existing PagerDuty account, you can sign up at


All new PagerDuty keys use their Events API v2.

If you have an Events API v1 key, you can continue to use that key with Atlas.

If you need help with your Atlas PagerDuty integration, contact MongoDB Support.

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