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Export an App (App Services UI)

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You can export Atlas App Services Apps to a local application directory from the App Services UI. Exported application directories use the name of the App and the application's ObjectId.


Secrets Not Exported

When you export your App, the export does not include the secrets. To add your secrets to a different app, refer to the documentation on migrating configuration, including secrets, to a new App.

Before you begin, you must be logged in as a Project Owner of the MongoDB Atlas project where you want to export the app. You can learn more about creating an Atlas account in the Atlas Getting Started documentation.


Go to the Project Dashboard where you want to export the App. Select the App Services tab. Select the tile for the App you want to export.


Click Deployment in the left-hand navigation.

From here, there are two ways to export your app.

  1. Go to the Export App tab. Click the Export App button. This exports the configuration for the version of the app that is currently deployed.

    The button in the Export App UI that exports your app
  2. Go to the History tab. Find the version of the app you want to export. Go to the Actions column, and press the Export button for that version.

    The button in the History UI that exports your app
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