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Configure an App Environment

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App Environments are a way to organize your development workflow and effectively reuse code. You can use App Environments to define different multiple versions of global configuration values and then switch between them by changing the App's current environment.

App Services supports a set of built-in environment names that each represent a stage of your development workflow:

  • ""

  • "development"

  • "testing"

  • "qa"

  • "production"

For each environment, you can define a set of environment values that are available to your application when that environment is active.

For example, you might use different values for an API's baseUrl configuration depending on whether you're developing a new feature or deploying to production.

The values for an environment are stored as a single JSON object. You can set the field names and corresponding values to whatever you want.

You can access values from the current environment by field name:

Environment tags each represent a specific stage of your development process. You can define a separate App for each environment, where each App uses the same set of configuration files but has a distinct environment tag. To learn how, see Copy an App.

For example, a typical development process may have three development stages: development, testing, and production. You could use a separate App for each stage and use different environment values for each App.

You can also use unique applications to test individual feature branches. For example, you might have a core development App that developers fork for their feature branches. When a feature branch moves into testing, you can use the core testing App instead.

To learn how to incorporate environments into your CI/CD workflow, see Set Up a CI/CD Pipeline. For a full example that manages testing, deployment, and other tasks for a real application, see: How to Build CI/CD Pipelines for App Services Apps using GitHub Actions.

Diagram showing different App Services Apps for each branch
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