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App Configuration

Every component of an Atlas App Services App is fully defined and configured using structured JSON configuration and JavaScript source code files.

  • .json files define and configure specific components in your app. Every JSON configuration file conforms to a specific schema for the type of component it configures.

  • .js files define serverless application logic used in functions, triggers, HTTPS endpoints, and custom resolvers.


Reserved File Names

You can include arbitrarily named files in your realm app config, with a few exceptions. The following filenames are used to define and configure components in your App: stitch.json, config.json, root_config.json, and app_config.json. Files with these names must conform to a specific schema for their component type. Using these file names when the file's content fails to conform to that schema throws an error when you import the app using the CLI.

Refer to this section for reference information about configuring these files.

You'll work directly with configuration files if you prefer to develop and deploy locally instead of through the App Services UI.

A complete directory of configuration files has the following root-level files and directories:

├── root_config.json
├── auth/
├── data_sources/
├── environments/
├── functions/
├── graphql/
├── hosting/
├── https_endpoints/
├── log_forwarders/
├── sync/
├── triggers/
└── values/

For detailed descriptions and examples of each component type's configuration and source code files, refer to the type's page in this section:




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