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You can update an existing App by changing its underlying configuration and then deploying those changes. There are multiple ways you can do this:

  • The App Services Admin UI: a web application built into MongoDB Atlas. It includes a graphical interface for anything you want to configure in your App.

  • The App Services CLI: a command line tool that you can use to configure and deploy your App locally. You work directly with your App's underlying configuration files.

  • The Admin API: a REST API that you can use to configure and deploy your App programmatically. Admin API requests read and write your App's underlying configuration files.

  • Automatic GitHub Deployment: a GitHub integration that syncs your App configuration with a GitHub repository. You can use GitHub to manage your App's configuration files and deploy your App by pushing changes to the repository.

A deployment draft is a set of one or more updates to your App that you can apply or discard as a single group. Deploying a draft is useful when your changes include services or functions that interact with each other.

The App Services UI uses deployment drafts by default. While enabled, any changes you make to your App's configuration in the App Services UI are added to a draft that you manually deploy. You can disable UI drafts if you prefer to deploy immediately when you save in the UI.

The App Services CLI and GitHub Deployment both automatically create and deploy drafts for you. When you run the CLI push command or git push to your deployment branch, the CLI or GitHub app creates a diff of your local configuration files against the currently deployed configuration. Then it creates and deploys a draft based on the diff.

The App Services Admin API allows you to manually create and deploy drafts. To learn how, see Deploy a Group of Changes.

Avoid having multiple users make conflicting changes in UI or API drafts at the same time. If there are multiple concurrent drafts that contain conflicting changes, you will not be able to deploy one or more of the drafts.

For example, if you deploy changes through the API but have an existing UI draft with conflicting changes, your UI draft will become invalid and you will not be able to deploy it.

To recover from a conflict, you can download configuration files for a UI draft from the Deployment page. You can use these as a reference to reapply changes in the UI or deploy the changes directly with the CLI or Admin API.

You can disable UI drafts if you prefer to deploy immediately when you save in the UI. This setting does not prevent you from manually creating drafts with the Admin API.

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