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Balancing Speed and Risk

Success in the digital economy depends upon speed — on how quickly you’re able to build, deploy, and iterate your applications and, with them, your business models.

Choosing the right data platform enables organizations to do both — to move quickly while managing and mitigating risks.

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The foundations of sustainable speed

After working with more than 20,000 customers, we’ve identified four key pillars crucial to an organization’s ability to transform quickly without spinning out of control.
Multi-cloud Agility

Harness the flexibility of a true multi-cloud approach

Innovation Velocity

Speed must be sustainable


A rock-solid foundation ready for anything

Privacy & Compliance

Stay ahead of complex, ever-changing requirements

Multi-cloud Agility

The cloud fundamentally changes the nature of how applications are developed and consumed. Research shows that 93% of enterprises are moving to a multi-cloud strategy. Cost is no longer the main driver – it’s the speed and agility that the cloud enables. But if your cloud strategy relies on lifting and shifting existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud, you can easily end up with all your old problems – just in a new environment.

A multi-cloud environment lets you build choice into your architecture, supporting adaptability, responsiveness, and resiliency in the face of the unknown.

A comprehensive multi-cloud strategy allows you to:

  • Take advantage of the best of each cloud provider

  • Innovate quickly by prioritizing the highest-impact applications to move into the cloud

  • Run your data platform across multiple clouds simultaneously

While enabling speed and innovation, a multi-cloud approach minimizes risks such as vendor lock-in, cloud outages, changes in data sovereignty requirements, and shifting business needs.

The importance of a modern data platform

The right data platform is a key enabler in driving your innovation velocity, helping you address risks, and accelerating how your teams develop, iterate, and get products to market.
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Accelerate your innovation

The key role of a technology leader is to eliminate risk where possible and enable their teams to go faster – to do risky things without taking undue risk.

Your data platform must foster and enable your developers’ agility – a crucial factor in determining your organization’s innovation velocity.

Deep dive into the relationship of speed and risk to learn the crucial role of your data platform.

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