83% of MongoDB users surveyed are invested in running in the cloud, with most citing “agility” as their primary driver. Let us help you move faster.

Hosted MongoDB as a Service

MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is a cloud-hosted database service that helps you move faster. Because you build apps, not ops. MongoDB Atlas is the easiest way to innovate, deploy, repeat with the leading database for modern applications.

  • Highly available clusters by default

  • One click, automated scaling with no downtime

  • Built-in security and operational best practices

  • Managed backups with point-in-time recovery

  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services; more platforms soon

MongoDB Atlas Resources


Getting Started


Management Platform, Delivered as a Service

MongoDB Cloud Manager

MongoDB Cloud Manager is a hosted suite of management tools that makes running the database easier. Perfect if you prefer to run a distributed MongoDB cluster on your own infrastructure and need complete control over your deployments.

  • Fine-grained monitoring and customizable alerts

  • Streamlined database setup and configuration

  • Automated zero downtime database operations

  • Managed backups with point-in-time recovery

For Your Private Cloud

Need management software for your private cloud? Learn more about MongoDB Ops Manager, a comprehensive suite of management tools, delivered as enterprise software.