MongoDB Management
Made Easy

Simplify complex operational tasks. Get the insights you need to make critical decisions fast. And take advantage of the most complete backup solution for MongoDB. Cloud Manager saves you time, money, and helps you protect the customer experience by eliminating the guesswork from running MongoDB.

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Comprehensive monitoring for
full-performance visibility

Your application performance depends on your database. Get the insights you need to ensure smooth operations and a great experience for your end users. Receive custom alerts and make critical decisions fast. Integrate Cloud Manager monitoring into your favorite monitoring dashboards.

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Automated Database Management for
10-20x More Efficient Ops

Database management doesn't have to be a hassle. Cloud Manager lets you deploy, upgrade, and grow your databases with ease and zero downtime. Reduce tedious manual steps to just a click of a button.

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Fully-managed backup for
your peace of mind

Disaster can strike at any time. Cloud Manager is disaster recovery, simplified. No more custom scripting, no limitations. Join the hundreds of companies that rely on Cloud Manager to minimize their exposure to data loss.

Trusted by companies around the globe

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“The operational efficiency we get with MongoDB is key. We are able to run our entire MongoDB estate with just myself and occasional help from my colleague. Cloud Manager coupled with proactive support is central to achieving this type of efficiency.”

Tomas Jelinek
Senior Online Operations Administrator‚ Square Enix

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“Everyone should be using Cloud Manager. It’s easy to set up and run and gives really good insight into running your MongoDB implementation.”

Nathen Harvey
Web Operations Manager‚ CustomInk

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“Having a backup service engineered for MongoDB has a lot of advantages. Cloud Manager backup gives us smooth integration with monitoring‚ as well as excellent granularity of restorable snapshots with little overhead.”

Arkadiy Kukarkin
Software Architect‚ The Hype Machine

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“No pain all gain. At Recorded Future‚ we use Cloud Manager to assess the health of our 20 TB MongoDB deployment. Cloud Manager is a great way to visualise the status of our systems and a valuable tool when troubleshooting issues.”

Simone Sciarrati
Operations Engineer‚ Recorded Future

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“MongoDB is a great option for people looking to create web applications at the earliest stage of their venture. Tools like Cloud Manager make that transition simple by enabling you to find inefficiencies in your web application’s interaction with the database.”

Nick Asch
CTO‚ Gliph


$39 / server* per month


$379 / server* per year
(save $89 per year)

*A “server” means a single virtual machine or physical server running MongoDB that stores data. We do not charge for config servers, pure arbiters, and servers only running mongos routers.


First 1GB per replica set free
and then $2.50 / GB / month
or $30 / GB / year prepaid

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