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Data is a company’s lifeblood so keeping a database secure remains a top enterprise priority. In fact, data breaches show no sign of abating according to researchers on the matter who estimate that such attacks will continue to increase 50% year over year.

MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database technology, understands the importance of meeting enterprise standards for security and offers Enterprise Server, the commercial version of MongoDB. This version has advanced security features that meet strict security and compliance standards with Kerberos and LDAP authentication, Red Hat Identity Management Certification, encryption, and auditing.

These advanced database security features help customers control access to their data as well as be able to detect and defend against potential breaches. MongoDB’s Enterprise Server provides:

  • ** Authentication ** with integration with external security mechanisms including LDAP, Windows Active Directory, Kerberos, and x.509 PKI certificates.
  • ** Auditing. ** A native audit log allows for tracking access and operations performed on the database which helps for regulatory compliance.
  • ** Encryption. ** MongoDB data can be encrypted on the network and on disk. Protection of data at-rest is an integral feature due to MongoDB’s encrypted storage engine. Authorization with user-defined roles configurable for granular permissions either at the user or application level.

The field is crowded with NoSQL options but MongoDB has a strong security architecture that enterprises count on to defend their most valuable assets against potential attack. So as you evaluate different solutions, consider for yourself how the database handles data security. The future of your business depends on it.

Find out more about how MongoDB defends against data breaches by reading our security architecture white paper.

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