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The quickest way to connect to MongoDB and Atlas to work with your data and manage your data platform.

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Interface with MongoDB

The new MongoDB Shell lets you connect to MongoDB to work with your data and configure your database. With its enhanced usability features (intelligent autocomplete and syntax highlighting, easy to understand error messages and contextual help), it’s the quickest way to work with MongoDB and Atlas.
An example of using MongoDB Shell to connect Atlas to MongoDB.

Key Features


Syntax Highlighting

Input and output in the Shell are formatted and color-coded to be easy to read.


Error Messages

Clear error messages help you understand what went wrong in your code and where.


Intelligent Autocomplete

The Shell prompts you with suggested language when you can’t remember a command or an operator.


Contextual Help

Get contextual help for Shell classes and commands with direct links to online documentation.



Built on top of the Node.js REPL, the MongoDB Shell gives you a powerful scripting environment.


Extensible with Snippets

Save commonly used scripts as snippets to reuse later and share.

A video demo focused on MongoDB Shell.

MongoDB Shell Demo

Presented by Massimiliano Marcon, Senior Product Manager, Developer Tools, MongoDB



Getting Started

An introduction to MongoDB Shell; a modern user experience which allows for testing queries and operations directly with your database.

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Ready to get started with MongoDB Shell? Download MongoDB Shell. Start configuring your database and working with your data.
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Illustration of a stack representing a database.