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Device Sync

Seamlessly synchronize data between edge clients and MongoDB Atlas, ensuring consistent and reliable data flow for optimal performance.

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What is Atlas Device Sync?

Atlas Device Sync ensures uninterrupted access and real-time data synchronization for edge clients. It offers comprehensive, out-of-the-box features such as automatic network handling, conflict resolution, authentication, and permissions, enabling devices and applications to maintain consistent functionality.

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Network resilience for critical apps and devices

Atlas Device Sync ensures that edge clients continue to operate seamlessly, even with intermittent cloud connectivity. This is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted service to critical functions such as inventory tracking and point-of-sale transactions.

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Prioritize the data that matters most

Atlas Device Sync allows you to specify which data changes to synchronize. This selective synchronization reduces bandwidth usage and ensures that critical updates are prioritized, enhancing data transfer efficiency between edge devices and Atlas.

Make faster decisions with real-time data

By synchronizing data between edge devices and MongoDB Atlas in real time, Atlas Device Sync minimizes the latency for data updates. This supports faster and more effective decision-making, improving the quality of insights derived from real-time analytics.

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Effortlessly store and sync data across edge clients

Altas Device Sync supports modern edge and mobile applications with a global user base. Overcome distance and dead zones to keep your apps running and your users happy — under any conditions.
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Synchronization made easy
Easily ensure the consistency and consolidation of data across devices and your backend with an out-of-the-box solution. Significantly reduce the time, money, and energy otherwise spent on building and maintaining data synchronization yourself.
Seamless backend integration
Accelerate development with services such as Atlas Functions and Triggers. Services automatically scale according to usage, eliminating the need to set up servers or allocate additional resources.
Database Trigger
Auth Trigger
Scheduled Trigger
“Partnering with MongoDB on Flight Folder is one of many ways that Cathay Pacific is prioritizing innovation on technology that makes flights safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.”
Lawrence Fong
Director of Digital and IT, Cathay Pacific
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Resources for building edge applications

Learn more about how to leverage Atlas Device Sync for offline first development.
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